Be the change maker that creates impact

At Meraki Services, I know your company’s brand reputation is everything.

The issue is your client’s expectations are changing, and you are running out of ways to matter in the global economy, making you feel like your business becoming a commodity is inevitable.

But giving up isn’t an option.

I understand what it is like to be lost in a sea of challenges – such as sustainability concerns, business operations or employee engagement issues – which is why I have helped companies just like yours differentiate themselves with an executable strategy, improving and scaling both their reputation and corporate culture.

Here’s how it works

1) Understanding and analysing your challenges by looking beyond the obvious

2) Together, we forge the future strategic corporate plan

3) I directly support you and your teams in its execution

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brand Reputation planning

You know how the best companies in the world also have amazing reputations?

With Meraki Services, my commitment is to build my clients’ reputation with solid and proven strategies, embodying Sustainability and Purpose. I will guide you as we weave a CSR Strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals into every element of your corporate culture.

What makes Meraki Services unique? 

My deep passion for purpose interwoven to global corporate skills honed over 25 years of a high-flying career in various industries.

People centric approach

Working with you and for your company in designing and creating the team that will embody a truly life-changing strategy. Revealing your employees’ capabilities, I will work with you to build a sustainability plan that’s best suited to your needs, sets you apart and fully engages your teams to work together, transversally, towards a common goal.

What makes me different?

An unshakable passion and understanding of human psychology and how to reveal your team’s potential while increasing their motivation and engagement. I have studied with the biggest names in the business, life and holistic coaching as well as with neuroscientists to understand what makes us or breaks us, in our personal and professional life.

Transformative strategies

The very name of my consultancy, Meraki Services, is in fact a Greek-Turkish word meaning that when you love doing something, you leave a part of your soul, creativity and love in everything you do, and that is exactly what Meraki Services aims to do across all its partnerships and consultancy work.


Customers at the heart 

Clients Expectations are changing. Your clients are demanding more from your company and it is starting to cost you money. You’re not sure who your ideal client is anymore and how to reach him. At Meraki Services, I develop your bespoke company strategy that will establish your reputation, so that you win more business instead of losing clients to competitors.

What will make YOU different?

Having the fundamental and concrete tools to empower your senior leadership as well as your employees.

A bottom up approach endorsed by a top-down strategic committee that will place your customers’ satisfaction and your employees blossoming at the heart of your business strategy.

No Boundaries


I leverage our long-standing experience in Strategy, Business Development and Marketing. Likewise, my experience in building teams for the project “in the field” ensures that every dollar invested creates long term equity for your company. I am committed to bringing our passion to bear for the benefit of all my project partners and stakeholders, no matter where you or they are in the world. Breaking down boundaries is my specialty!

Why Do You Need CSR/Sustainability?

To Disrupt Status Quo

paradigm shift

Sustainability is now at the heart of business operations.

Indeed, regardless of the industry or activity you are working in, it can be embedded at every single step. Sustainability in your business, once a “good to have” or even a “great to have”, is now a “must have”.

global initiatives

Meanwhile, global initiatives, such as the U.N. led adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”), have set vital targets, generating real opportunities for businesses.

esg ratings

The Environmental, Social and Governance criteria have become a mainstream tool within the investment community for analyzing a company’s risk profile, long-term sustainability and access to capital. It’s vital to understand too, that ESG ratings are sector specific, placing a different emphasis on each of the ‘E’, ‘S’ and ‘G’.

triple bottom line

Companies implementing sustainability programs can of course expect traditional bottom-line returns.

In addition, sustainability can drive stakeholder and employee engagement, perhaps gaining the company a placing on a “best place to work” listing at the same time. Sustainability programs will moreover generate those all important social and environmental benefits, resulting in positive ESG ratings.


new e.u. frameworks

The E.U. will very soon be implementing its own framework that puts Environmental, Social and Governance and ESG considerations at the heart of the E.U. financial system.